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One of the greatest pleasures of bringing buyers and sellers of quality Corvettes and other classic sports and performance cars together is the wonderful relations I’ve been able to establish with the parties involved. How fortunate I am to work with great cars and wonderful people. Below you will find comments from clients who generously share their experience working with BUYERS AND SELLERS CONNECTION LLC. References are gladly provided upon request.

Corvette Buyer

I hired Mark to help me find the car of my dreams a 1967 Corvette convertible had to be red with a white top and interior! Quite a challenge! Mark not only found me the car, drove to inspect it and negotiated the purchase. It ended so well that everyone was happy. A rare occurrence in today's world. Mark is one of the most pleasant, hard working, knowledgeable people I have ever met. He has even given me help on a purchase of 1956 Sunliner for my wife which was her first car when she was 16. Above and beyond any expectations you could possibly have is what Mark delivers. I recommended Mark to a friend who also wanted a 1967 Corvette. Needless to say he had a wonderful experience and couldn't believe how professional Mark was through the entire process. Mark has become a good friend and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a painless way to purchase a car of your dreams.

Harry Lukas Overland Park, Kansas

Buyer from Germany

The Car: A wonderful, frame-off restored, Daytona Yellow 1970 big block coupe in pristine optical and mechanical condition. Bought end of August, 2011. The Purchase: Buying 'via telephone' from Germany, and having had only (many & meaningful) pictures of the car, along with Mark's verbal information, this purchase required an extraordinarily high amount of personal trust on my part; Both in the car and in the person(s) involved. Fortunately, during my several telephone conversations with Mark, I was able to establish just that: I have received an absolutely truthful description of the state of the car (read: no BS); Appointed times for telephone conversations were kept to the minute; Formal issues (wording of sales contract; supply of documents; etc.) were handled cooperatively and with precision. In brief: A highly professional and pleasant encounter. The Verdict: (about BuyersAndSellersConnection...) Two words: "Highly recommended!" Or: "Thanks, Mark!" 

Gernot Kreiselmeyer Oberasbach, Germany


My first experience with Mark and Buyers & Sellers Connection LLC was approximately a year and a half ago. I was selling my 50th Anniversary Convertible with only 500 miles on it. I contacted Mark and he convinced me to use his services. I realized after a week or so, that this was the right decision. His ability to market the vehicle was far beyond anything I could do. The total experience was both pleasurable and professional. If you are in the market to buy or sell a corvette, you need to consider Mark's services. I am confident that you will have a great experience!

Mike Cioffi Ohio

Inspection Client

Hello Mark, I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how pleased I was with all the services you provided me. Firstly you did a thorough inspection for me of a 1968 L-89 Corvette. Through your inspection I was able to find out that the car did not have its’ original transmission. You also completed a thorough inspection of the cosmetics. Without your knowledge and in-depth inspection I could have easily purchased this car and been extremely disappointed to discover the original transmission was mia. Following that inspection we met at Bloomington Gold. While there you reviewed another C-3 Corvette. You ensured it was an all original car with the original drivetrain and original vin and trim tags. I subsequently purchased this car and am still completely happy with it. I have no intention of selling this car as I feel it will be extremely difficult to replace with a car of similar quality. Looking forward to working with you again. I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your services for anyone who is serious about buying a Corvette.

Kind Regards, Danny Burnstein South Carolina


Hi Mark, My writing to thank you for selling my 1970 454/390hp corvette is long overdue. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. You made every step of the way from photographing the car to the actual transaction an absolute pleasure. I never once felt like I had to call you to see how things were progressing you kept me well informed and I am sure you did the same for the buyer as well. In the future if I plan on purchasing another vintage corvette or sell one that I own you will be the first and only one I will call.

Thanks again, Rich Morgante, Armonk NY


Mark is great. I have a 59 Vette and love it. It was in great condition when I bought it as the previous owner had done a full restoration on it. I have enjoyed it immensely and Mark was incredibly helpful not just in the purchase of the vehicle but also in the follow up on any repairs that were necessary and checking in with me constantly. He is passionate about Vettes, no question about it and he takes great pleasure in seeing others get a dream car. The other comment I would make is that he is not pushy which is refreshing.

Steve Schlesinger, Summit, New Jersey

Client From Australia

Falling in love with the 67' 427/435 big block corvette from a large distance in down under Australia, I began my research on how to find the needle in a haystack, studying the Internet and various sites lead me to an excursion from the west coast to the east coast of the USA, from high end auctions to Corvettes at Carlisle, my search was high and wide, but when the NCRS lead me to Mark Rudnick at Buyers and Sellers Connection, that's when I truly found confidence in such a vast purchase. Mark offered his services without prejudice and even when I found my own car he assisted in the verification of its authenticity and assisted in all aspects of it's purchase ensuring it was the right car for the right price! Simple rule when buying a Corvette, when in doubt, get Mark to check it out! Thank you for all your knowledge and assistance.  

Danny.T Australia

Inspection Client From Canada

I’ve finally had time to read the report Mark and it looks great! I can’t believe how detailed it is.  I wish you were in business 8 years ago when I bought my 67 vette. I used a good generic car inspection service however there is truly no comparison to the tailored Corvette service you offer!  I'll reach out to you again the next time I pick up a vette. 

Till then take care.

Kevin Fowler, Ontario, Canada


I have been searching for a 1967 Corvette convertible (big block) for several years.  Since I was not much of an expert on Corvettes (but wanting one all my life), I decided to look for someone that could find the right car in my price range.  I had two criteria; (1) a fun car to drive, and (2) a car that would increase in value over the years.  I searched the internet for such a person or company and came across Mark Rudick’s name.  I thoroughly researched Mark’s background and decided he was the person that had the most experience for searching for a quality Corvette. 

Mark thoroughly explained the process, including the fact it could take time to find the right car.  Mark not only found me a great car, but one that included numerous awards and in great condition.  I would have been totally lost in the process of trying to find my car had it not been for Mark.  Since my requirements were a fun car to drive and one that would increase in value over the years, I did pay more than I originally wanted to pay.  In the end I believe I fulfilled my two requirements, and the additional monies I paid were well worth it.  

Mark stayed in constant contact with me all through the process, including finding the car, inspection, negotiating on the price, insuring all documents (including VIN) were in order, and getting the car shipped safely to me.

I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants a great Corvette and who does not want to have to do the research, phone calls, negotiating and on-site inspection on their own.

Larry Smallen – Cherry Hills Village, CO