Buyers and Sellers Connection

Corvette Sales and Consulting Services


We conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection focusing on the originality and condition of the vehicle. Our inspection and evaluation is guided and directed by an extensive data base of Corvette research material and longstanding experience inspecting and judging Corvettes. We are not generic automobile inspectors. Our specialty is Corvettes. We love them dearly and know them well. The evaluation begins with an examination the car's body, paint and chrome; moves onto the car's interior and then the engine compartment. We check the numbers and date codes of all major components, inspect the chassis and framework surrounding the windshield, front body/bumper support structures and radiator support structure. An operations check of the vehicle is conducted to make sure all the guages, radio, HVAC controls, headlight doors, etc. work properly. When the car is registered and insured, a road test is performed to evaluate the car's handling and drivability. Upon completion of the inspection, the client is provided with extensive photos of the vehicle, including any issues presented, and a detailed report on the car.

The fee for inspecting a Corvette is $800 plus traveling expenses.

The fee, paid before the inspection is conducted, may be paid by check payable to: Buyers and Sellers Connection LLC. 20 Karena Lane Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-2818


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