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Corvette Sales Service

BUYERS AND SELLERS CONNECTION, LLC acts as the exclusive Sales Agent on behalf of our Clients and directs marketing and advertising activities that promote the successful completion of the entire sales cycle of your Corvette.

To best represent your interest and maximize the sale potential of your Corvette, BUYERS AND SELLERS CONNECTION, LLC. must be allowed to act as the sole sales agent for the car being marketed. To effectively and professionally promote the car to achieve its full market value, we cannot compete, with the owner or anyone else. Negotiating, with prospective buyers in good faith, requires BUYERS AND SELLERS CONNECTION, LLC. to control the sales process and handle all negotiations on behalf of our clients.

Marketing a Corvette to achieve its greatest market value requires effort, patience, and the development of a marketing strategy, in addition to an outlay of funds for advertising. 

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BUYERS AND SELLERS CONNECTION, LLC. assumes the full expense for advertising  and requires a 6 month exclusive agreement to act as the sole sales agent for the vehicle. Professional Fees and Obligations Professional Service Fees due BUYERS AND SELLERS CONNECTION LLC. for selling a Corvette is  5% of  the final selling price of the vehicle.

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