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 Locating a quality Corvette, which represents excellent market value, requires considerable time, effort, and a well established network of contacts. To appreciate the relative value of one Corvette compared to others, of similar age and appearance, requires extensive knowledge of the Corvette marketplace and what constitutes an investment grade Corvette. The idea is to determine what you want in a Corvette and to get the best example of that car at the best price. Essentially, we serve our clients by helping them get the greatest value for their dollar, when purchasing a Corvette. The fee for finding a Corvette for a client is 5% of the purchase price of the car.

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 To begin a search for a car, we require a $500 retainer fee. This fee is used to cover research and phone contact time. The onetime $500 retainer fee is deducted from the fee paid when a car is purchased through our efforts.

The retainer should be paid by check payable to:

Buyers and Sellers Connection LLC
20 Karena Lane Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-2818